As seen on the cover of  Leaf Magazine, NPR, NBC News, and additional media, veteran hemp farmer and founder of Farmer Tom, aka Tom Lauerman has also been referred to as the “Bert’s Bees of Weed” and the “Paul Newman of Cannabis.”

Beehive Hemp Symposium
We love connecting our community with industry expertise like Farmer Tom! Was an honor to learn from the Industry Living Legend. It makes us even more proud to see those connections continue to grow and serve the community!
Tyson Kunz ~ Beehive Hemp Symposium
Thank you Farmer Tom & all of our judges this year. All our judges are established cannabis community members here in the state of Oregon.
Oregon Growers Cup
I never got the chance to thank you for the awesome experience you gave my dad Joe Rezac before he passed away. I think he had more fun learning from you than any vacation we ever had. He talked so fondly of you up until his final days. I can’t thank you enough!
Mikala Rezac
Farmer Tom is a man of integrity. You will get an excellent product at a fair price & support a Washington state farm.
Christine Buck
Top products and owner is very personable. Would highly recommend all Farmer Tom’s products.
Louise Brinkman
Much love to my good friend Farmer Tom and the relationship that we have built over the years. Now we are both in a position to help provide farmers with the correct tools and knowledge to bring their facilities to this level.
Dustin Lynch
wayne Burgess
If you are looking for a experienced consultant in raising hemp I would highly recommend Farmer Tom . As a novice in raising hemp he walked me through the whole process and was always available to answer my questions. He is very personable and has an in-depth knowledge in raising hemp and understands the requirements in the various growth phases of the plant
Wayne Burgees
Samvel Hakobyan
If farmer Tom isn't the greatest, Mentor, Coach, Farmer, Consultant, friend, in the Hemp industry, than I don't know who is. I reached out to farmer Tom, and immediately he picked up the call, in the midst of COVID when everyone was scared to see anyone, he took us into the farms, introduced us with the best people in the industry, showed A-Z, held nothing back, kept every promise, and overdelivered. Thank you very much Farmer Tom, everyone has something to learn from this man! Wether hemp or the right way to do business
Samvel Hakobyan
Farmer Tom is known for sourcing some of the cleanest cannabis in the entire industry. If Farmer Tom brings it to table you know its gonna be good!
Michael Stanton

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“Back in 1999, Paula (my wife) and I had a common vision of a sustainable cannabis organic lifestyle. Twenty-two years later here we are, sharing our vision with the world. We hope to continue educating future generations on organic farming and cannabis advocacy.”
Signature Farmer Tom

Thomas Lauerman

CEO, Founder

Farmer Tom Portrait

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