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FarmerTom.com is committed to Health and Wellness through the production of high-quality Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) products. Only Organic CBD Hemp Extracts which are grown and processed in the USA are used in their manufacture to provide a Broad Spectrum array of all the important phytocannabinoids including CBD, and other compounds including terpenes, and flavonoids.

Many Years In The Making

A family owned organically grown business

The Farmer Tom Brand, a Cannabis consumer brand with international recognition, has recently announced the launch of a Keto-friendly Broad Spectrum Organic CBD MCT Tincture. The new Tincture formulation features an exclusive combination of 50% Broad Spectrum Organic CBD Distillate for phytocannabinoid variety and 50% Organic CBD Isolate for guaranteed potency, along with clean, high-quality carrier oils and organic essential oils. Broad Spectrum means you get all of the good things about the Hemp plant while remaining 100% THC free.

The founder of FarmerTom.com, Farmer Tom Lauerman, also known as “The Trusted Face of Cannabis”, is renowned as a veteran farmer, a lifestyle brand, educator, advisor, and humanitarian. He worked with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2015 to increase Federal Government Agency education and awareness in the growing, production and processing of the Cannabis plant and to promote worker health and safety in the Cannabis Industry. This recognition has opened up many unique opportunities that no one else in the industry can offer and adds another level of trust in Farmer Tom Lauerman as a safe and reputable Hemp and Cannabis advisor.

Farmer Tom was the first private citizen Federally recognized as an organic Cannabis grower, producer and processor in the United States while hosting Federal Agents from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a division of the CDC, on the production and processing of Cannabis on his Farm and later in the development of a Health Hazard Evaluation that can be found in the Library of Congress.

Nature Sourced

We begin with Nature – knowing Mother Earth is a pretty tough act to improve on!   

Known as the only private citizen Organic Cannabis Farmer recognized by the US Federal Government in 2015, Farmer Tom is an advocate for the creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the Cannabis Industry to ensure Workplace Health and Safety

Environmental Stewardship

Farmer Tom sources ingredients from Organic Farms and Sustainable Harvest Programs.

We have tremendous respect for the Earth and our Environment. We recycle, reuse, and reduce our waste wherever and whenever we can and ask our partners to do the same.

Manufacturing Practices

Farmer Tom products are manufactured according to “good manufacturing practices” a strict standard, set by the FDA, for assured quality and safety.

Products are tested for pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, heavy metals, and solvents by an independent, third-party ISO-certified laboratory to ensure premium quality, potency, and purity.

Promised Efficacy

All of FarmerTom.com products are developed with purpose keeping our Family and Friends in mind.

We add therapeutic ingredients for a purpose – not to sound trendy or to include the latest novel botanical.  Our active ingredients are assured by a laboratory Certificate of Analysis, so you get exactly what you need and what you pay for.

Quality Assurance

Third party tested for quality and effectiveness,

We research all materials and oversee the manufacturing process to ensure each and every FarmerTom.com product delivered to you is exactly what it was intended to be – GREAT!

Minimal Packaging

We know everyone loves a great-looking product but we also know excessive packaging is not good for our planet.

For this reason, we choose our primary packaging very carefully with recycling and recycled components in mind.  Along with aqueous ink and recycled paper, we are doing our part to minimize waste and protect our environment. 

Meaningful Value

We provide our Customers with the finest quality product ingredients that the test of experience and integrity have to offer.

We select retailers who are known for providing the very best service, education, and training to ensure our associates have the latest FarmerTom.com Product information. Our team continuously strives to improve the value proposition of Farmer Tom Products to our customers.


We value those who think outside the box and constantly strive to improve our Products and the Farmer Tom customer experience in every aspect.

As a result, we encourage our team to try new ideas and concepts and we reward innovation.

Our History

Who We are

Full Spectrum CBD Products

About Farmer Tom

It all started with an idea. How to take 30 years of experience and grow it into a business. 

With the intention to combine his life passions of being an industry educator; years of professional landscape construction experience; his vision of medicinal and food plant production using biodynamic and organic methods; key note speaker; and plant and medical patient advocate, Farmer Tom Lauerman CEO and Owner of FarmerTom.com is an expert in his field. For many years students and patients have sought him out to learn organic grow techniques for fruits, vegetables, and Medical Cannabis and Hemp production. 

CNBC referred to Farmer Tom as “a cross between Paul Newman and Jerry Garcia”; MJ Headline News coined him “The Walt Whitman of Weed”. He was featured in a continuing series of ongoing grow episodes for “The Colombian” newspaper online series ‘Cannabis Chronicles’, and has been featured on the front page of  “The Columbian” hard-copy business section entitled “Farmer Tom’s New World”.  Farmer Tom has also been featured in numerous Network News episodes on CNBC, KOMO News, and other local stations regarding the emerging Cannabis Industry. In 2015 comedian and actor Sir Billy Connolly sought out Farmer Tom for his show “Tracks Across America” (Season 1 episode 2, 2016) which is still aired both nationally on PBS and internationally across Europe today.  

He is a highly sought after popular key note speaker at Cannabis and Hemp related events both here and abroad. Events such as ASD Market Week, CannaCon, Cannabis Creative Conference, South Carolina Cannabis Conference, just to name a few. Farmer Tom is a guest blogger and contributor to numerous publications such as ‘The Columbian’; ‘Cannabis Chronicles’; and’ PotExchange’.  He says “Cannabis isn’t my hobby, it’s My Passion!” 

Farmer Tom understands the importance of trust. Due diligence, hard work and vision drive his standards every day.  A respected leader in his industry, he aspires to help guide the Cannabis and Hemp Industry into the future utilizing his dedication, attention to detail, and goal oriented attitude.


In 2013 the owner of ‘CBD Designs’ – who had been responsible for the ‘branding’ of Carl Lewis while working for Nike a decade earlier – contacted Farmer Tom suggesting he be the first person to put his likeness onto a Cannabis product. This collaboration launched the first level of professional design Branding in the Farmer Tom line from this foundation in 2014 to the current level of ‘Branding’ seen today.


In 2014 a former member of the Marvel Comics crew contacted Farmer Tom with an offer to collaborate on a series of adventure based ‘Cannabis Trading Cards’ featuring the “Life and Loves of Farmer Tom Lauerman”.

On the now historic July 8, 2014 ‘Weed Maps TV’ – while covering the celebration of the first day of legal recreational sales of marijuana in Washington State – Weed Maps stopped by the Farm on their way to Seattle to visit Farmer Tom at his Medical Grow in Vancouver, WA as well. Please go to www.theweedmap.com/weedmapstv/ for more information and to watch the show.


Due to his reputation and integrity in the industry Farmer Tom was contacted by the Federal Government and asked to serve as a formal educator for their Agents on the then current methods of production and processing of Cannabis. In August 2015 his Farm in Vancouver, WA was declared a ‘secure location’  to allow traveling Federal Agents from the NIOSH division of the CDC to visit, touch, and study living Cannabis plants in the medical garden greenhouse for the first time. Some of these Agents had been experimenting with Cannabis compounds in their lab for many years without ever encountering a living plant.

The five agent attendees responsible for creating the upcoming Federal Government protocols spent three full days receiving important information and demonstration by key leaders from the local Cannabis Community on topics ranging from growing, drying, trimming, packaging, concentrate production, lab testing, and more.

Then in October 2015 the Federal Agents returned to the Farm once again to perform an official industry Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE). Everything from work practices, differential microbe exposure and identification, and ergonomic aspects concerning every physiologic effect on workers in the harvesting and processing of organically grown Cannabis were measured, recorded, and evaluated; and collected dust, particulate, and microbial samples collected by ‘sniffers’ positioned at various work locations around the Farm – including those worn on the vests of personnel – were sent to NIOSH headquarters at the end of each day of the three day trial. The information gathered from this extensive scientific study is now the foundation of Workplace Health and Safety SOPS for the Cannabis Industry, and the completed HHE can be found in the Library of Congress.


In 2017 Farmer Tom was invited to become a co-instructor at the first ever accredited Cannabis course offered at Clark County College in Vancouver, WA lecturing on “Cannabis and your Health”. He also taught a series of well attended stand alone summer workshops over the years as well entitled “Cannabis Propagation 101”; “How Growers Do It”; and “Taking your Plants to Harvest with Higher Yields”.


Spring of 2019 Farmer Tom and Dustin NcCorchuk co-founded the first to farm-to-market online Hemp Farming Academy course, giving people across the world access to his unique style of tips and techniques.  Everything from buying seeds, to biodynamic and organic methods, Farmer Tom uses his unique perspective and self-taught insights for the best practices in the business.

Farmer Tom Portrait

Grown With Love on Our Farms

“I grew up with a deep appreciation for cannabis. It’s driven my mission to ensure that everyone has access to this amazing plant’s many benefits. I’m still a farmer with a passion for clean, organically grown fruits, veggies, and  Cannabis, as well as educating people on how to grow organically for themselves.”

Signature Farmer Tom

Thomas Lauerman

CEO, Founder

Meet The Farmer Tom Team

Thomas Lauerman

CEO, Founder

Christine Lauerman

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Treman

Kevin Treman

Vice President of Marketing

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